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Nami's Dark Little Secret, AKA Shit Piece

I feel I can confidently say that this is the WORST fan fiction of One Piece ever created.  Featuring Luffy and Nami transformed into immensely unlikable antiheroes, absolutely no regard for the rest of the cast or the story it's based on, a narrative ridden with lazy plot contrivances, redundancies and bad cliches in every paragraph, atrocious grammar, punctuation and spelling, and some of the most disgusting scenes I've ever read anywhere, this is Shit Piece.  Oh, and the sheer ego of the author doesn't do it any favors either.

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A fanfic based on Final Fantasy X, whereupon Spira falls into a dark and war-torn future and Yuna is given the means to rewind time and prevent these events from coming to pass.  The problem being that the author hardly seems to take an interest in this, getting caught up in endless bouts of long, rambling prose and stunning misuse of metaphor.  The whole thing also seems to be little more than a ploy to redeem Seymour's character by making him even more annoying - full of angst, lacking common sense, and possessing any skills the plot calls for.  You know, the typical Gary Stu traits.  Thankfully, it ends after only four short chapters.

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The Child of Green

From the depths of EarthBound fandom, arguably the most socially retarded and obsessive-compulsive of all fandoms (aside from Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Evangelion, Final Fantasy, Deathnote and Yu-gi-oh, of course) comes a Mary Sue saga of unprecedented scale, the ongoing result of fifteen years of one man's undying obsession with EarthBound, Final Fantasy, Doom, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem 3D, Ghosts n' Goblins, Dr. Who, magical girl anime and, of all the god damn things, Bubsy the Bobcat. Also, like most Fan Fiction authors, this one also has absolutely no confirmable formal training in writing technique and doesn't seem to have read a word of literary text in their life. Be afraid, ladies and gentlemen. Be VERY afraid.

Honestly, we kind of skimmed over most of this one due to its sheer size and redundancy, and just cherry-picked out a few things in particular to make fun of.  The first two chapters serve as a genesis to his beloved Mary Sue character, the third and fourth are a wiki chronicling literally pages and pages of special abilities she has, the fifth is a brief look at his Duke Nukem 3D modding project, and the sixth is a comically awful porn story.

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Pain of the Doubt

It's Phantom Brave on the chopping block this time as we open with very badly written ephebophilic incest porn, and then we skip ahead thirteen years to Marona's struggle with cancer and the impact it has on her family (yes, seriously).  Which may have been interesting if it were at all well written, but of course it's rife with bad grammar, spelling errors, atrocious dialog, and none of the characters involved are given any real development, making it nearly impossible to empathize with any of them.  Pair that up with the completely depressing subject matter, and you have something that just makes me wonder "why does this even exist?".

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Marona?  A Demon?  Uhhuh

Our previous author isn't done torturing Phantom Brave yet, as we run afoul of another story that demonizes Marona (literally), causing her to become a succubus and violently rape everyone she meets.  Things only get worse when her friend, dead from suicide and reborn as an angel, appears and attempts to kill Marona, only to be "seduced" by her.  The story once again peters out before anything is resolved, leaving the reader to wonder what the hell the point of it was.

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