One of Midway's earlier releases, Rampage appeared in both the Arcades and on the Atari 2600 before being ported to the NES.  Despite losing a character in the transition, the basic idea of the game remained the same - turning most of America's buildings into rubble.  I doubt they'll try another remake anytime soon, lest they be arrested for promoting terrorist activity to giant mutants..

Your two playable characters.  Both are essentially the same, but the choice to be a King Kong clone or a female Godzilla is up to you

After selecting your character, the game drops you off in San Jose and tells you to get smashing.  Of course, the citizens won't take to kindly to this, often shooting at you (both from windows and helicopters) and throwing shrapnel.  Your mission, meanwhile, is to punch all of these buildings to oblivion.  Two solid whacks will make a nice-sized hole in the wall, which can reveal powerups and harmful things.

Once a building takes several holes, it comes tumbling down

That's about all there is to Rampage.  Smashing buildings and trying to survive as long as possible to rack up a high score.  One can regain health by collecting food items such as toast and cakes, or they can just grab the nearest human assailant and pop them into their mouth.

Mmmm, human.  Hey, my back is on fire

Every now and then, this little guy will come along and drop off a bomb, which will detonate a short while later and bring down a building instantly.  An odd tactic for saving a city, to say the least.  Ah well.

Every ten days or so, you'll get a Search Bonus. This just consists of punching at an exceptionally durable building until the hidden Super Vitamin is uncovered, which will restore your character to full health.

Later in the game, you'll have more things to contend with, such as bomb-dropping helicopters, police cars, and tanks.  The bombs aren't much of a threat, as you can just leap off the building side and avoid them, but the tanks and police cars can be annoying in that their shots will both knock you backwards and do a lot of damage.


To conserve health when facing tanks or police cars, clinb up a building to avoid their shots, or simply advance slowly toward them until they fire at your head (it will pass harmlessly through), then rush in and smash them.

Punching out open windows will discourage civilians from throwing harmful objects at you.

At the beginning of most stages, a person will appear in one of the windows.  If you punch this window so that they fall to the street, you can eat this person and recover a large portion of health.

Pressing B once your health is depleted will return you to full life without needing to "continue."  If you continue, you will lose all of your points.

George re-mutates and begins the rampage again

Overall Score: 5/10
A game that is fun for a little while, but you'll probably lose interest long before completing all 128 stages.

©2003 Spoony