Mighty Final Fight

1993? Wow, this was one of the last NES games....

Ah, Final Fight, the series that helped to pave the way for Capcom's immensely successful Street Fighter II.  Mighty Final Fight, the NES spinoff of Capcom's smash-hit (no pun intended) arcade brawler, is a great addition to the series. Retaining the same basic game play elements of the original series with a dash of Parodius-style humor, Capcom had a little-known classic on their hands.

Choices, choices...

The usual suspects of the Final Fight series, Cody, Guy, and Haggar, made up the typical slew of fighting game characters, with Guy as the quick but not-so-strong guy, Haggar as just the opposite, slow and strong, and Cody an average of the two. To compensate for Haggar's speed, he began the game with two extra experience levels, which helps to offset the fact that he has a hard time keeping up with some of the faster enemies like Sodom.

The game is a lot more "cartoony" than the original Final Fight game; characters are drawn in a "super-deformed" style with large heads and tiny bodies, eyes pop out when characters are struck,  and the dialog is often silly as well (such as the first boss taking damage when you refuse to bow before him).  Perhaps most notably, though, is the boss named Abigail, a really mean-looking dude whose deadliest attack is grabbing and kissing your character (I am not making this up).


As your characters plow through the stages and defeat enemies with combination techniques, jump kicks, and throws (control over these moves is an easy task despite the few buttons on the controller), characters would gain experience levels, which extended their lifebar, allowed them to deal more damage, and periodically gave them new ways to kick the enemies around. Haggar, for example, had access to a speedy dash attack, which would stun enemies if it hit. I didn't find myself using the new moves too much, but they were a nifty feature to include.

From left to right: Pre-match dialog with Sodom, slam-dunking an enemy into a pit, and fighting crime with a mallet

A carryover from Final Fight, the barrel-smashing minigame.  From time to time you'd be stuck in the center of the screen as barrels rolled in from either side.  Smashing these apart could get you all sorts of cool prizes, from life-restoring meat to extra lives to your character's weapon of choice (knives for Cody, shurikens for Guy, and a mallet for Haggar).  Two more occurred at the end of stages 2 and 4, and doing well there could even earn you an extra continue!

Guy splashes a thug with his own comrade, thanks to the throw attack.


If I had to name a bad point about Mighty Final Fight, it would be the lack of a two-player mode. That, and maybe the insane difficulty of the last level. The game is fairly tame for the first few stages, but when level 5 rolls around, not only do you fight several of the stage bosses again, the damage and cheeze of bosses and normal enemies alike seems to triple. Aside from that, Mighty Final Fight is an exceptional NES brawler

Rating: 8/10
One-line synopsis: If you liked the Double Dragon and Ninja Turtles games,  you can't go wrong with Mighty Final Fight; it's among the best of the genre on the NES.

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