Kart Fighter

This may look familiar to fans of Super Mario Kart, and it should.  A pirate group from Hong Kong decided, strangely enough, to make a fighting game starring the characters of Super Mario Kart!  This game has gained quite a bit of fame with the appearance of the Internet, mostly because prior to Super Smash Brothers, this and a few other Hong Kong pirate carts were the only fighting games starring Mario.

The characters

If you've played Street Fighter or a similar game, you probably know what to expect.  A handful of fighters duke it out, each with their own unique abilities such as fireballs and super uppercuts, until one is left standing.  It's the same story here.

Toad fights Nokonoko/Koopa Troopa with his patented projectile fungus


The sprites in the game have a moderate amount of flicker, as you can see above, but as the gameplay is unaffected it's not too much of a bother.  I also commend this hacker group for their job on the controls - performing moves is a snap.

Hmm, strange stages there...

A few more battles.  Luigi and Mario are your basic Ryu clones, sporting a projectile, an uppercut and a foward kick attack.  Yoshi has a tongue attack that does quite a bit of damage, as well as a home stage stolen from Little Nemo: the Dream Master.  Donkey Kong Jr. sports a spinning lariat and a banana peel projectile.

Not pictured: Peach in Chun-Li uniform

Let's not forget, though, that no fighting game is complete without a big, bad boss....

HAHAHA!  He's even shorter than Toad!  Sorry, Bowser, but it's hard to take you seriously when you're shorter than someone who barely comes up to Mario's knees.

Anyway, after beating Bowser, your character will face a mirror image of himself.  After beating him, you'll fight Bowser again, then another clone, then Bowser again... you get the idea.


This game can be played in two-player mode as well!  Another player can join in simply by pressing Right on Controller 2 at the select screen.

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Rating: 7/10
One-line Synopsis: It's better than a pirate cart with 750 copies of Arkanoid, Mario Brothers and Ice Climber, that's for sure.

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