Joy Mech Fight

A fun little game that Nintendo unfortunately seems to have forgotten about, Joy Mech Fight's story was seemingly inspired by Capcom's highly successful Mega Man series.  However, rather than a platform hopper, we have a rare sight among NES titles - a two-person fighting game.

The mode select screen.  You could do the "Tour" which was basically the story mode, or have any combination of players and computer-controlled fighters duke it out.

I'm no speaker of Japanese, but from what I can tell, the story revolves around two scientists who have made several robots for the good of mankind.  Long story short, one of them turns evil and tries to use the robots to conquer the world.  The good doctor (who probably by no coincidence resembles Dr. Light of Mega Man) takes the one remaining robot and programs him to fight in an attempt to stop the evil dude.

As the game begins, you start out only able to control "Pinky", (I doubt that's his real name, these screens are from a partially translated ROM) who is pretty generic, toting the ususal fireball and dash attack combination seen in most fighting games.  His variation on the fireball involves throwing his own head at the enemy and mysteriously growing a new one, as seen above.

Each player has three 'lives' in each battle.  When a character's life bar gets depleted, they will take a moment to pull themselves together as they switch to their next life bar.  At this time, the character who managed to KO the other will regain a bit of life.  The match continues until one player loses all three lives.

Pinky is the victor

After each victory, the Dr. Light look-alike will reprogram the defeated robot, and you will be able to control him in subsequent matches.

The claw-bot defeats the fire bot, who defeats the drill bot, who defeats the cyclops bot

Here's a handy feature.  Before entering each match, you can check out your chosen robot's special moves via an in-game tutorial.  It's a crime that things like this weren't incorporated into fighting games from day one.

After clearing out all the 'normal' robots, you'll face a boss.  The first of these looks like an ostrich, strangely enough.  He likes to charge and peck at you, then throw you while you're blocking, but if you make good use of projectiles and jumps you should be able to defeat him.



After a brief recap of all your victories in the round, you will move onto the next wave of baddies.

Oh no, they have an evil Pinky in there too

After the first stage, you won't be able to reprogram any of the robots you defeat to assist you.  Then again, most of them are just slightly toughened-up clones of the first eight fighters, so I guess having four or five Pinkys to choose from would be kind of redundant.

If there is one thing I dislike about this game, it is that Joy Mech shares a common flaw with many fighting games, that being the 'cheeze" factor.  It's often easy to defeat your opponents simply by learning a special move or two and then using them repeatedly.  This isn't as much of a problem against a human player, but against computer opponents it can make the game pretty tiresome.

Rating: 8/10
One-line synopsis: The Tour mode is long enough to keep you interested for a few hours (or bore you silly after a stage or two), but two-player mode is loads of fun.

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