Goonies II

I'm sure every kid growing up in the 80's remembers this movie.  It was only natural that some video game developer would jump at the opportunity for a licensed cash-in, and sure enough, Konami was the first to the punch.  Unlike most movie-to-game ports, however, this one was actually pretty playable.

As the game's title implies, there was a prequel, but it was only released in Japan, and those who play it inform me that it can be finished in about 15 minutes.  Which might explain why Konami didn't bother porting it.

Anyway, the story begins with the Fratellis (the evil family from the movie) escaping from jail and kidnapping all the Goonies and their mermaid friend, Annie.  It's up to you (Mikey) to rescue the Goonies and defeat the Fratellis for good.  Sounds easy, but this game is more difficult than it appears, due largely to one fact:

As the "front" in the corner applies, there is also a back-side to the map with more areas to explore

This game is very big.  Not too shabby for a game made in 1987, I must say.

Much of the game took part in side-scrolling platform-hopping areas where you'd bop enemies as you made your way around, like the ones seen above.  At times, though, you would have to enter doors and go to three-dimensional rooms.

Behold the vault's sage advice

These often contained items you would have to collect, or vaults that would give you various clues about the game.  Sometimes, though, there'd be people hanging out there too.

Aside from the occasional Mario reference, you'd have to give people quest items at times to succeed.  Or you could simply hit them on the head and watch them shout 'WHAT DO YOU DO?!", which was pretty amusing if you were playing this as a seven-year-old.

Behold two of the game's most annoying enemies - the unkillable man in blue (twitching on ground) and the Metal Skull (upper left), which steals your weapons

While this game isn't the best of its genre by any means, it's certainly worth a play through for Adventure fans, or at least worth checking out if you enjoyed the movie.

Rating: 7/10
One-line synopsis: A challenging game with a surprising amount of depth.

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