A strange little game, Cocoron is a Japanese-only (the screenshots are taken from a translated ROM) platform-hopper with an RPG element or two thrown in - you literally design a character from your choice of head, body and weapon types, and then continue through several stages in your quest to save the princess of the Dream World.  Many of these head and body types are inspired by different anime - the Jet body resembles Astro Boy, for instance, and the Cyborg body looks like Cyborg 009.

The end result of my few minutes of work.  I would later learn that the Flower is pretty useless as a weapon.

Once your character's finished, you choose your level, and set off to kick some bad guy butt, with each stage topped off by an appropriately bizarre enemy.

The Milk Sea and subsequent flying pirateship boss, who has been defeated by a flying, flower-throwing man in a speedo

After each stage, you create a new ally from whatever components you didn't use for the first one, and are given the choice to use either your old hero or your new one for the next stage.

Ninja-head's raid on star-mountain

The boss of the Star Mountain stage, Harvest Moon.  He would disappear and reappear elsewhere to throw stars at your character.  He wasn't very tough, considering his size made him about the easiest thing to hit in the history of video gaming.

A couple more of my weird creations

And so the process continues, venturing through stages and doing battle with various bosses, including a dragon made of ice, a deck of cards, and a giant fairy.   Eventually you'll rescue the princess of Dreamland (from a giant egg, no less) and then you're off to the final stage, where you must rescue each of your created creatures from captivity and then face off against the final boss.

Rating: 7/10
One-line Synopsis: A rather simplistic game, but it's pretty fun while it lasts.

©2004 Spoony