Wikipedia's 32X article for general information on the system and many games.
Gamespot for several games' release dates.
WhipAssGaming's 32X page for some troubleshooting information and the Zyrix demo.
The 32X article at Eidolon's Inn for thorough information on the rise and fall of the 32X, and some more cancelled game information.
Sega's official troubleshooting page for information on connecting the 32X to a Model 1 Genesis.
The Angry Video Game Nerd's 32X Video, for providing some humorous insight into the system and its lifespan.
Arguro DeXill's 32X game list for information on released and cancelled games.
Sylvain De Chantal's 32X guide for system specifications, cancelled games and other information.
Nick Crait's 32X installation guide for troubleshooting information.
VGMuseum for several box scans.
Unseen64 for info on numerous unreleased games.
Hidden Palace for info and ROM images of some unreleased and beta titles.

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