32X Demos

If you know of any more official 32X demos or have additonal data on those listed below, let me know.


Bullet Fighters

Shown at CES' 1994 Summer show as an "upcoming game".  Unfortunately, I don't have any more information on it.

Ecco the Dolphin

Rumors were buzzing about a new Ecco game after a screenshot similar to this one was published in gaming magazines.  Contrary to reports about "Ecco 32X", however, there was no Ecco game in development for the 32X system;  It was simply a demo created to pitch the idea for a new Ecco game to Sega, but it also saw use as a vehicle to show off the 32X's graphical capabilities at the 1994 CES show.

For more information and a ROM image of the demo, visit this site.
I've uploaded a video clip from the CES demo here.  I don't recall where I originally found it, but whoever put it on the Internet, thanks!

Ultimate Fighting

As with Bullet Fighters, this was a demo of an "upcoming game" showed at the Summer 1994 CES show.  Unfortunately, I don't have any more information on it.

Zyrinx's 32X Demo Tape

Zyrinx (creators of games like Sub-Terrania and Zero Tolerance) developed a demo to show off the limits of the 32X hardware, creating several 3D effects including texture mapping and goraud shading.  Unfortunate that few games in the library would ever get to make use of such technology.  It is available for download here, or viewable online here (requires DivX plugin) or here (requires Flash).

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