My Collection

Just in case you were curious, here's my personal 32X collection.


32X Units (3)
AC Adapter (2)
Box (1)
Converter Cables (2)
Connector Cable (1)
Spacer (1)


32X Unit #1 - Bought loose with only the spacer for $5, thinking I could get the cords seperately for cheap.  Turns out I was only half right; I found an AC adapter easily enough, but the infamous connector cable was another matter entirely.  I was able to test it out with just that, however; it works, but it makes a high-pitched squeal while running (leading to some fear that it may well blow up in mid-play).

32X Unit #2 - Bought it with the box and a Model 1 Genesis for $25, thinking the connector cable was included.  Turns out it was just the Model 1 Genesis converter.  The thing ended up not working at all, but I was able to recoup some of my loss by trading in the Genesis.

32X Unit #3 - Easily the best deal of the three, got this one for $30 with both the Converter and Connector cables and two games.  Just had to attach the spacer to it and it was good to go.  Runs great, too - no lockups, no freezes, and no high-pitched squeal while running.


Blackthorne (with Box and Manual)
Kolibri (with Box and Manual)
Knuckles Chaotix (with Box)
Space Harrier (with Box)
Tempo (with Rental Box and Manual)
Virtua Racing DX (with Box and Manual)
Virtua Racing DX (Sealed)

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