3768 Hiroshi Yamauchi
I cannot even understand. What they saying now?
3777 Nei
Okay, Vash, now roll the dice and you move that number of places around the Poke`mon world. Also, please try very hard to ignore the insane jabber coming from the comic. Think happy, Pikachu thoughts while you land on my hotels.
3781 Vash the Stampede
But Pikachu is creepy! ... those eyes.. hey, Pokéball card! ... why do I always get the creepy shorts kid card?
3801 Max Payne
The kid was crazed, probably whacked out on some kind of street drug. The hair and his outfit were a cry for help, drowned out by the oppressive atmosphere of the city. The eyes spoke of a more quiet, subdued, yet all the more driven madness - they had seen ugly things, like a mummy or a robot.
3802 Vash the Stampede
As I looked up from my rousing game of monster slaving and death battling, I noticed a dark figure in the darker corner of the darkness. He looked lost, afraid, confused and like he had to go pee. Really, really bad. I could not help but feel bad for him, because I have had to pee. It is like a pain as of yet unimaginable, except for those who have had to pee. Really bad.
3803 Max Payne
What I had suspected all along was confirmed when the kid opened his mouth - he was crazy, alright. Maybe it was the comic, maybe it was the fast-paced lifestyle people seem to live these days. It wasn't hard to think of at least a few kids who had lost their way like this one. He was totally gone. I wondered to myself if he could even understand what I was saying. Sometimes I wondered if anyone could.
3806 Vash the Stampede
He appeared to be talking, his mouth moving. Perhaps he had some popcorn stuck between his teeth. I hate it when that happens! Popcorn is so tasty, like the most delicious thing in the world, only not, and then it comes back and bites you like a ravenous insane rabid dog bites a little retarded kid on a tricycle. He began looking even stranger, seeming to be deep in thought. Or he still had to go pee. I can't tell.
3807 Max Payne
He was talking nonsense, like something out of a nightmare. I shook it off. I didn't have any more time to waste on him. I had to go to the bathroom.
3809 Vash the Stampede
I watched him leave. Clearly I had won this duel of mental strength and will. As I looked back, I realized my Bulbasaur was trapped in the monster holding cages, these accursed things called 'Pokéballs'. "Damn." I said out loud, looking back at the bathroom. "You may have caused me to lose once, strange man, but never again!" I yelled, shaking my fist with the tiny cute monster things inside of it at the doorway.
3826 Black Mage
Hey guys, I'm kind of late. What's going on he--
3827 Humpa Humpa
3828 Black Mage
GODDAMMIT! That's it, I quit.
3830 "Macho Man" Randy Savage
The release form you signed when you arrived, my good man, has provisions in it for just this sort of occurance. Specifically, chapter 3, subsection IV, paragraph 6(b). In other words, you're going NOWHERE!
3831 Ash
The desire to flee is there. My courage is spent, my item inventory nigh spent, and the emergency door is within view. Yet simultaneously, a large, burly man with slim jims in his pants blocks the way, as if he desires that we remain within this breach of the Geneva Convention. How vexing.
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