3678 CODEC
3679 Kim Young
Hello, you've reached MSTron, where the pain never ends! How may I direct your call?
3681 CODEC
...You know nothing of pain, girl. Regardless, I must speak to the strongest one among your cadre. Nothing less than a hero is required for this one.
3682 Kim Young
A hero? In our midst? Ahhhh....Let me see. Hey, you! Mister Super! You seem to be a hero of some kind. This call is for you.
3683 Super Joe
Hello? What, a hero? I think you're confused, I'm not-
3684 CODEC
-Super Joe. You do not know me, but I certainly know of you. Your service against the Nazi--ehm, Badds was instrumental to our cause. However, I have not called you to tell you what you already know. I've called you to send you and the staff a very important document. By "important" I mean horrifying. Brace yourself.
3685 Super Joe
Well alright, I guess if you say so. I'll head to Area 13 immediately and prepare for the worst. Can the rest of you fight with me? Good. Joe out.
3686 Radd Spencer
You, a superhero? Your only superpower is getting super captured. At least I have a bionic arm. You got your ass kicked by Hitler, for Christ's sake. Speaking of which, I'm going to grapple up into a radio tower, curl up, and cry until this comic goes away. Guess you're stuck with these losers, Joe.
3687 Ash
Losers? I resent that statement. Why, my loss rate only appears inflated due to interceptions by boomas and killer androids. And....What the hell? Are these really badly drawn rodents, or even worsely drawn cobra people?
3689 Nei
W.. what? Wait, why am I involved with this? What is this anyway? ... OH FOR THE LOVE OF PALMA it's a Rescue Rangers wanna-be with apparently homosexual mice!
3690 Crassius Curio
What? Did someone just call me? Oh, snookums, this looks terrific! Let me get out my sketchpad!
3693 Solid Snake
Becoming a superhero isn't that easy. It takes hard work and dedication to a cause, and the will to see it through to the end at any cost. You can't just ask yourself "Am I a hero?"
3694 Raiden
Hm... Am I a hero, Snake?
3695 Solid Snake
3697 Raiden
But what about the-
3740 Solid Snake
3741 Raiden
-Big Shell... SHIT.
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