3348 CODEC
3349 Kim Young
Hello, you've reached MSTron, where the fun never starts! How may I direct your call?
3355 CODEC
I wish to speak with Mr. Yamauchi. I have another assignment for him.
3356 Kim Young
Alright. Mr Yamauchi, there's a call for yo......
3357 Hiroshi Yamauchi
3358 Kim Young
Oh my. Not again. Hey you, over there, gray haired old man. You're close enough. There's a call for you on line 3.
3359 Professor Oak
Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of POKEMON! My name is OAK. People call me the POKEMON PROF. This world is inhabited by creatures that we call POKEMON. People and POKEMON live together by supporting each other. Some people play with POKEMON, some battle with them. But we don't know everything about POKEMON yet. There are still many mysteries to solve. That's why I study POKEMON every day. Now, what did you say your name was?
3360 CODEC
...I could not have foreseen that. Regardless, you will stand in for Mr. Yamauchi, as you were the one who answered the call. That's just how things work. I have a file that may hit rather close to home for you, Mr. Oak. Please open the proper channels for file transfer.
3361 Professor Oak
Well hello young Could Not! This isn't about that incident with the Mint Berry and the Muk and... I mean yes, of course! My laboratory facilities are always available for young trainers! I'm ready to receive your POKE... files?
3362 CODEC
The file has been sent. Our agents have discovered a real winner for you and your staff, whom you will be meeting right... about... now.
3363 Ryudo
Okay, I'm here. Now let's talk up-front payment.
3365 Ash
Wow, guys. It's a good thing we finished that awful Gontercomic for now, because I could really use a shower and a warm meal, not to ment-YEAGH! Whew, wait, for a minute I thought I saw some kind of anthropomorphized pokemon. ...Wait a second... Oh...no....
3366 Nei
Awww... it's a comic about puppies. What's wrong Ash, are you scared of the poor puppy dog boy? He can't be any more ferocious than a Rag Rappy. *snicker*
3367 Raiden
Pokemon? Wasn't that the thing that caused all those child deaths a few years ago?
3368 Professor Oak
Now now, little girl! We all know POKEMON are quite safe! Even in their battles with one another, POKEMON understand the dangers of going too far and really hurting each other! Even if you don't treat your POKEMON with respect and love, they instinctively understand and care for one another!
3371 Raiden
3374 Solid Snake
Ha ha.
3375 Raiden
3378 Nei
Oh, Raiden, don't forget, I'm doing your hair Saturday to add those silver highlights. ^___^
3390 Vash the Stampede
... through someone else's eyes indeed. And obviously, that person is blind.
3393 Ash
I wonder if the title, 'No Fur Off My Back' has anything to do with this strip, or if the author just thought he was being amusing?
3421 James
Ooh, he looks Delicious....
3492 Pirate Nun
SHIVER ME TIMBERS! The Word 'o God be a lamp unto me feet and a light unto me path, but this be the work of Satan! Seek ye first the Kingdom of God... OR BE KEELHAULED! YARRRRRRRR!
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