16 Edge
It's like peering into some insane bizzaro world. I am terrified and shocked, but I cannot look away.
20 Strider Hiryu
Madness. Sheer, unrepentant madness.
75 Jesus Christ
My children, I have seen many things in this world that would drive men to lose their face. And... uh... I am really sorry about this. This is all Satan's doing. I swear that I didst have nothing to do with it.
174 Garret
If there was truly a God, he would've struck this son of a bitch down before he got started.
182 Roger Smith
My name... is Roger Smith. I do an important job in the city of Amnewhat-the-HELL-IS-THIS!? Man, I wish this wasn't the only thing left over after The Event-- This really, um, "sucks."
270 Elder God
Who summoned the great and powe-.. er... this isn't a summoning ritual.. but it is horrific.
579 Jay
Bickety-bam! I say we wax the muthafucka, know what I'm sayin'?
2285 The Tick
Wow I am impressed for a black and white comic it is glossy
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